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  1. Riddles Ginger Wine Compound

    Riddles Ginger Wine Compound


    More due soon

    Makes a delicious, non-alcoholic cordial or mixer drink. Learn More
  2. Youngs Ale Yeast - Top Fermenting

    Youngs Ale Yeast - Top Fermenting


    A true top-fermenting yeast with vigorous fermentation characteristics. Promotes rich full-flavoured English style Ales with clean, smooth texture. Produces firm heavy sediment so ideal for bottle conditioning. No rehydration necessary. Learn More
  3. Muntons Carbonation Drops 160g

    Muntons Carbonation Drops 160g


    An easy way to prime bottled beers of any kind. Just add one tablet per 500ml bottle prior to capping for a perfect prime every time! Learn More
  4. Brewing & Winemaking Sugar 1kg

    Brewing & Winemaking Sugar 1kg


    1 Kg Brewing & Winemaking Sugar. A fine dextrose powder that's easily disolved and is 100% fermentable. It has no impurities, unlike normal cane sugar. Learn More
  5. French Oak Chips Medium Roast

    French Oak Chips Medium Roast


    More due soon

    The aromatic wood compounds generated by these oak chips are truly excellent and with the Vanilla tones released by the medium toasted French Oak will refine and characterise your wine. Generally speaking, the French chips give wine a higher complexity, are better indicated for the refining stage and better respect to varietal notes. The aromatic tones which are perceived are: spiced, smoked, vanilla and soft leather.

    When added to your wine kit or country wine, these French medium roast oak chips take your wines to a new height of quality. When you share your wine with friends and family and discuss how you made it, they will recognise what is now achievable today from making wine at home. You will recognise the enhanced flavours that have developed and can go on to customise these flavours to match your own palate.

    Learn More

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