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Complete 40 Pint Ale / Lager Starter Kits £59.99 to £77.50
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  • American Mocha Porter 3kg- 5.8% ABV

    American Mocha Porter 3kg- 5.8% ABV

    The American Mocha Porter is a modern take on the traditional Stouts and Porters, popular in the 1700's. When the American Craft Beer movement started in the late 1970's, innovative brewers were looking for new styles to create, so radical re-vamps and amalgamations of the old classics from their brewing forefathers seemed like an obvious place to start.

    This beer brings together, in suitably dramatic style, the best of two classic styles; the Coffee Porter and Chocolate Stout. The American Mocha Porter looks the part, pouring a dark Chocolate with a big white fluffy head. With bags of Coffee and Chocolate essencce reinforcing and magnifing the natural rich and roastey character of the malts, this beer flaunts a wonderfully intense aroma of Coffee and Chocolate which explodes from the glass. The flavour is amazingly complex, with the heavenly seductive pairing of Coffee and Chocolate linking perfectly with the natural Porter character.

    A beer that is sure to delight dark beer lovers, Coffee adicts and Chocoholics alike.! 

  • American Red India Ale 3kg - 6.3ABV

    American Red India Ale 3kg - 6.3ABV

    One of the most popular and most manipulated beer styles in the world of beer is the India Pale Ale. Within this overarching style there are numerous sub categories that have been experimented and developed to meet the ever increasing need to deliver more and more hops to the avid beer drinker in more and more interesting ways...
    The Red India Pale Ale is one of those sub categories.

    As with most Red Ales its brewed strong with an enormous addition of characterful hops. However there is also a judicious application of caramel malts to create a maltier and darker coloured beer that helps the hops to become characterful in a slightly different way.

    This Red India Ale pours a deep Red with a creamy head, your nose is immediately assulted with a light pine sap and a tropical fruit punch aroma. On the palate the beer is a pleasing cacophony on textured caramel malts, firm bitterness and juicy hop goodness. The beer finishes smooth and dry with a lasting, cleansing bitterness.

  • Festival Belgian Dubbel

    Festival Belgian Dubbel

    Belgian Dubbel  ABV 7.2% 3.6 Kg

    Rich chocolate colour with fluffy tan head Aroma: A Wonderful mixture of fruitcake, plums & cloves.

    Taste: Rich chocolate fruitcake & dark spicy Autumn fruits.

    Hops: Goldings

  • Festival Belgian Pale Ale

    Festival Belgian Pale Ale

    Belgian Pale Ale  ABV  5.5% 3.6 Kg

    Aroma:  Spicy cloves & banana with a sweet malt character.

    Taste:  Rich malt sweetness & spicy yeast character are both refreshing & satisfying.

    Hops:  Syrian Goldings

  • Festival New Zealand Pilsner

    Festival New Zealand Pilsner

    New Zealand Pilsner ABV 5% 3.5 Kg

    Golden with fluffy white head.

    Aroma:  Masses of passion fruit, spicy lime & a hint of cut rock melon.

    Taste:  Rock melon comes through with perfect bitterness.

    Hops:  Pacific Jade & Pacific Gem

  • Festival US Steam Beer

    Festival US Steam Beer

    US Steam Beer  ABV  5% 3.5 Kg

    Light Copper with  a fluffy head

    Aroma:  Rounded toffee note with herbal hop character.

    Taste:  Toffee & caramel & light earthy character finished with a firm bitterness.

    Hops:  Northern Brewer

  • Festival Vienna Red Lager

    Festival Vienna Red Lager

    Vienna Red Lager  ABV  5%  3.5 Kg

    Light Golden

    Aroma: Deep fruity peach like character with a cedarwood finish & hint of sweet herbs.

    Taste:  Good malt with deep satisfying body & a crisp bitterness & touch of grassiness.

    Hops:  Hallertau&  Brewers Gold

  • Micro Brewery with Young's American Amber Ale

    Micro Brewery with Young's American Amber Ale

    Special Price On-Line Only

    Real Ale Fans look no further! In an attractive box, the Micro Brewery Kit makes a great gift, or gives you the ideal opportunity to get into making your own Beers. Sufficient on it's own to make 40 Pints of  Young's American Amber Real Ale 5.4%, just water to add. All equipment is fully re-usable. Full instructions included.

    Regular Price: £64.99

    Special Price: £59.99

  • Milestone Micro Brewery with King Keg

    Milestone Micro Brewery with King Keg

    Special Price On-Line Only

    Kit Contents: Milestone Lions Pride 3kg Real Ale 40 Pint Kit, Top Tap King Keg Barrel, 25 litre (40 pint) Fermentation Bin, Paddle, CO2 Injection System, 10 x 8gm CO2 Gas Bulbs, Syphon Tube, Hydrometer, Thermometer, 100gm Sterliser and full instructions. All the Equipment is re-usable and compatible with any Ale or Bitter style kit.

    Regular Price: £84.99

    Special Price: £74.99